Technical Office: from analysis to after-sales services.

Dalla Via Lavorazioni Meccaniche production range is managed and supported by an in-house Technical Office, an integrated and efficient company structure controlling each step of the production process: from the analysis, to the certification up to all after sales services.

The Technical Office starting activity is the quotation to the Client, when production/machining steps are analyzed and simulated, with the support of CAD-CAM and other software packages.

The second step is the preparation of production supports once the PO is placed. In this step, tools, machining or handling equipments are designed using a parametric CAD modeler. Further, standard activities for the realization of production and machining evaluations, production cycles, CNC programs for tooling machines, turning machines, drilling and boring machines are performed.

In addition to provide the Machining shop with drawings, plans, programs and schemes, the Technical Office is carrying out all production managing and monitoring activities which allow an immediate overview of the operative situation and an accurate monitoring of the production cycle of the job.

Personnel involved into quality and control services are also part of the Technical Office so that they can work in a close effective symbiosis with it. Furthermore, there is also a continuous exchange of information with technicians and software engineers.

Technical Office’s tasks are not ending with the delivery of the Purchase Order and certification, but the activities are proceeding with the after sales services.

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Technical Office, detail

Detaled view of a quality control activity carried out by Dalla Via Lavorazioni Meccaniche staff