Machining Operations: the heart of the company.

Dalla Via Lavorazioni Meccaniche works in the field of medium-heavy machining operations and it is equipped with full CNC lathes. The Company aims to give value to its human resources, through reliable instructions and procedures and staff training and capacity building.
Our machines allow a high performance and precise machining of single or serial pieces, even of relevant quantities, with minimum tolerances that are constantly monitored.

The company can work with

  • carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, duplex and super duplex
  • special alloys (nickel-alloys, titanium-alloys, etc.).

Dalla Via Lavorazioni Meccaniche can machine and/or manufacture pieces ranging from a minimum OD of 300 mm up to a maximum OD of 5200 mm, up to a maximum weight of 33 tons.

Please find an indicative list about parts and products that we can manufacture and/or machine:

  • Pulleys and hubs for winches
  • Components for hydraulic drives
  • Servo-mechanisms and other mechanical components
  • Components for gas and steam turbines
  • Components for nuclear plants
  • Components for hydro-power generation plants and wind farms
  • Geared wheels and bearings
  • Components for excavators
  • Gearboxes and overdrives

  • Components for naval cranes, crane trucks and cranes for the building industry
  • Bodies
  • Closures
  • Balls
  • Flanges
  • Risers
  • Connectors and well-heads


The company uses brand new tool machines that, besides turning operations, are also equipped to perform boring and milling operations in one single step.

Boring, drilling and milling

The Company is equipped with a boring machine, a CNC Caser Working Station, a vertical drilling machine and a pillar drill machine.

Dalla Via Srl perfoming a turning operation

Dalla Via Srl performing boring, drilling and milling operations